Airtel launches Xstream Box Premium plan with bundled OTT subscription at Rs. 2,399


With the aim of bringing new users towards its digital TV platform, Airtel is offering OTT subscription with its Xstream box. Xstream Box has been launched in two variants for new customers known as Box Premium and Box Basic.

These boxes are available with an OTT subscription worth Rs. 2,399. Notably, the Xstream Box Basic is available for all new customers. Apart from this, the company is offering a 10 percent discount on set-top boxes, if a customer purchases it online and the new offer comes at a time when Reliance Jio launched a new all-in-one plan for its customers. These prepaid annual plans are available at Rs. 1,001, Rs. 1,301, and Rs. 1,501.

Airtel Xstream Box Premium Plans:

If we talk about the price of Airtel Xstream Premium plan, then it will give you Rs. 4,898. The scheme is offering several benefits such as free subscription to the channel pack which is Rs. 462. In addition, the company allows the pack to change within seven days.

Here’s the interesting part: the Xstream Box Premium plan includes a one-year free Amazon Prime membership for Rs 999, a Rs 999 free Zee 5 premium subscription for a year, a free Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription of Rs 399 and a free Airtel for Rs 1,299 Xstream Premium Membership is included for one year. As you can see, the total membership fee for these OTT memberships will be Rs 3,696, however, the company is offering all these benefits for Rs 2,399.

Airtel Xstream Box Basic Plans:

Then, there is an Xstream Box Basic plan, priced at Rs. 2,499. This Xstream Box Basic plan comes with OTT subscription priced at Rs. 1,699, which includes Zee5 Premium and Airtel Xstream, Premium Membership for one year. This plan is also offering a free facility of Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription, however, the company is not offering an Amazon Prime subscription with this plan. The company is also offering discounts on this set Android set-top box.

Airtel will also offer an additional 10% off on online purchases with the Xstream Box Basic plan which brings down the overall price even further.


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