All landline users will have to add prefix ‘0’ before dialling a mobile number from January 15

Photo Source: The Indian Express

Landline users now will have to add zero before dialling a mobile number starting from January 15. The Ministry of Communications in an official release on Wednesday stated that starting from January 15, 2021 all fixed to mobile calls need to be dialled with prefix ‘0’ in order to free up enough numbering resources for the future use. Earlier, the department of telecommunications (DoT) posted a circular on its official website accepting the proposal of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s for all landline users to dial mobile numbers with a zero prefix.

— The Ministry of Communications on Wednesday announced that starting from January 15, 2021 all fixed to mobile calls need to be dialled by adding zero (0). However, there will be no change in the dialling plan for mobile to mobile, fixed to fixed and mobile to fixed calls.

— Moreover, a suitable announcement will also be played whenever a subscriber will dial a fixed to mobile call without using ‘0’. Earlier also, DoT had stated that a suitable announcement will be played in order to notify the fixed-line subscribers regarding dialling the number with the prefix ‘0’. This announcement will be played only when the landline users will dial a mobile number without ‘0’.

— The ministry said that all fixed line subscribers will be given access to the ‘0’ dialling facility and it expects to generate a total of approximately 2539 million numbering series. The TRAI had further stated that dialling a mobile number with prefix ‘0’ is not just to increase the number of digits in the telephone number but this will free up sufficient numbering resources for future use.

— DoT ministry stated that “The freeing up of sufficient numbering resources will add more number of connections in the future and be beneficial to the mobile customers at large.” The ministry further added that the changes have been made so that subscribers have minimum inconvenience and also it will free up essential numbering resources.

— A circular was posted on DoT’s website dated November 20 which mentioned that “All the fixed-line subscribers should be provided with ‘0’ dialling facility, that is, STD dialling facility. Compliance of the same may be intimated.” In the month of May, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had also recommended that moving from 10-digit to 11-digit numbering scheme in case of mobile numbers will give a total volume of 10 billion numbers. It further suggested that the mobile numbers which are allotted for dongles should be moved to 13-digits.


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