Amazon announces a new Care Hub feature for Alexa

Photo Courtesy: Amazon


Amazon has rolled out an interesting set of features for its voice assistant, Alexa.

Amazon is introducing a care hub feature that will help users keep an eye on elderly parents.

Amazon also disclosed that it is making Alexa smarter by adding a feature that will allow the voice to read the mind of the user.

Amazon has rolled out the Care Hub feature for its smart assistant, Alexa to let users keep an eye on the activities of their elderly parents and allow the voice assistant to read the user’s mind and respond accordingly.  “Introducing the Care Hub—a new set of U.S. features designed to help simplify the remote caregiving experience for both the person providing support and their aging loved one. The Care Hub is an easy way to keep an eye on your loved ones remotely, while maintaining privacy, with features like the high-level activity feed and alerts. It also gives aging customers the comfort of knowing they can just ask Alexa to call for help should they need it,” Amazon said in the blog.

To use this feature, a user is required to create a connection between two Alexa accounts. “The aging loved one needs to have an Echo or Alexa-enabled device. The family member aiming at providing the necessary care needs to have the Alexa app installed on his/her phone. The Care Hub will work once the elderly loved one sends an invitation and the supporting family member accepts. This simple and one-time setup offers multiple benefits to both individuals,” the blog said.

Users will receive continuous alerts about the activities of the elderly loved ones and if no activity is detected during a long time, they can easily connect via a call through the app.


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