Apple iPhone 12 series phones reportedly facing display problems

Photo Courtesy: Apple

It has been half a month since the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 series model of phones, and since their launch, the new iPhones have been an idle talk. The new iPhones have been very well known with buyers and have been chosen by many people during the festive season deals. 

Yet, even as the new iPhones continue growing in popularity, a few users are detailing issues with the display of the phone. These issues include flickering of the screen and yellow/green tinting. While Apple’s officials haven’t said anything formally on this, they were recognized inside by Apple in an internal document acquired by MacRumors

The record being referred to be allegedly given to Apple Authorized Service Providers by the organization confirming that Apple knows about the issues is the display and investigating the matter on its own. 

According to reports, the tech giant has prompted its technicians at the approved service centers to not fix affected iPhones for the present and rather request that owners of the phones to keep their iOS updated as the organization is working on rolling out a software fix for the display issues, rather than really fixing it by replacing hardware. 

Strangely, the iPhone 11 series had gone through a similar issue at the launch time. Though, the organization at that time had figured out how to fix it by giving a software update iOS 13.6.1. It shows up Apple is again counting on thinking of the same software update to fix the issue. 

The issue was raised shortly after the launch of the new iPhones in Apple Support Communities. At present, the issue is reported to affect the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Reports said that the issue doesn’t affect iPhones consistently, however it seems to influence iPhones when the brightness of the display is set to around 90% or lower. Reports suggest that many users have encountered the issue on iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2 and that the display issues are not persistent always as they vanish after a short time for some users.

In any case, paying little heed to the issues, the iPhone 12 series of phones seem to display beasts. The fact is, it was just yesterday that DisplayMate gave the iPhone 12 Pro Max it’s all time highest display performance rating of A+. It additionally gave it the “Best Smartphone Display” award after the iPhone 12 Pro Max managed to hit an achievement by breaking 11 records or 11 records or matching an existing one.

Discussing the panel on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the phone accompanies a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR screen that offers a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels and 1200 nits top brightness at a pixel density of 458ppi. However, it underpins the 60Hz rate of the refresh, rather than 90Hz or 120Hz like most of its rivals do.


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