Apple may build its own search engine to take on Google

Photo Courtesy: Apple

Apple could before long dispatch its own search engine to rival Google. According to the most recent reports, Apple is building a Google Search engine elective. The most recent iOS 14 updates had indicated Apple’s own search engine as the Cupertino-goliath had shown its own search results. Aside from this, Apple had likewise posted employment opportunities on LinkedIn for search engineers. 

According to a Financial Times report, Apple is incredibly cryptic about its interior undertakings yet around two years prior, the organization Google’s head of search, John Giannandrea. This is being theorized with regard to the beginning stage of the undertaking. Apple had additionally posted employment opportunities for search engineers welcoming them to “characterize and execute the design of Apple’s historic search innovation.” 

The report further uncovers that the promoting specialists who are checking Applebot, Apple’s web crawler, have seen a great deal of action as of late. One of the specialists Suganthan Mohandasan disclosed to Financial Times that the Applebot has seemed “a silly number of times” on his customers’ sites lately. “At this point when the creep rate increases, that reveals to us they are attempting to accumulate more data,” he said. 

It was noticed that Apple in iOS 14 had sidelined Google for a portion of the search capacities. “All searches made by iPhone users in the search window got to by swiping directly from the home screen of the iPhone which Apple calls the “Today View”— showing an Apple created rundown of search proposals as opposed to Google results. These outcomes incorporate “autocomplete”- style proposals produced by Apple, indicating that it is gaining from its 1bn clients most regular questions,” the FT report read. 

Google was established over 20 years back so it would not be simple for Apple to create one out of a matter of a couple of years. In spite of the assets, the cycle will require some investment.


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