Apple one launch date has been set 30th October, CEO Tim Cook confirms


Apple One – a subscription bundle that includes Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud Storage – will launch on Friday, October 30, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced. During the iPhone manufacturer’s quarterly earnings on Thursday in the US, Cook said Apple One would launch “tomorrow”, meaning Friday in the US. Apple services and updates usually run in the morning at US Pacific time, so expect Apple One to be available in India on Friday night. Apple One is priced at Rs. 195 / $ 15 per month (for individuals) or Rs. 365 / $ 20 per month (for families).

Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage have been introduced as part of the Apple One Individual. If you upgrade to Apple One Family, you get 200GB of iCloud storage, and all the benefits can be shared with up to six family members as part of Family Sharing. A third tier is available in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US – Apple One Premier ($ 30 per month) – including Apple News + and the new Apple Health + (not yet launched), and iCloud up to 2TB of storage.

Individually, membership for all these services is very high. Apple Music is priced at Rs. 49 / $ 5 per month for students, Rs. 99 / $ 10 per month for individuals, and Rs. 149 / $ 15 per month for families (with six members). Both Apple TV + and Apple Arcade come in Rs. 99 / $ 5 per month (family sharing included). ICloud costs Rs. 75 / $ 1 per month (50GB), Rs. 219 / $ 3 per month (200GB), or Rs. 749 / $ 10 per month (2TB). And both Apple News + and Apple Fitness + will run you $ 10 per month (family sharing included).

With Apple One Individual, you are seeing a saving of Rs. 177 / $ 6 + every month, Rs. 201 / $ 8 + with the Apple One family, and $ 25 + with the Apple One Premier. Of course, this is only when you sign up for every service included in the membership bundle.

Cook also reported that Apple set a September quarter record in several markets, including India, in addition to the Apple One launch date, two categories – Macs and Apple Services – set an all-time record in the September quarter, where it set its end of September Launched online store.


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