Are you a Disney fan? Disney’s online store is now live in India: Check details

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Disney’s online store is now live in India. is now open for taking orders, and will serve across 500 cities in India, Disney stated, with merchandise drawn from its slate of brands: Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and Disney itself. More than 3,000 products are now available at on launch, including apparel, toys, accessories, and school basics. As a feature of your order, you can pick different Disney-design delivery boxes or even have your products gift wrapped. Free delivery is only offered on orders that cross Rs. 999.  

“With shopDisney, our undertaking is to bring real Disney authorized products inspired by our characters and stories to each family in the nation,” Disney India chief and head for consumer products Sanjeet Mehta said in a mail. “shopDisney will broaden the enchantment of Disney and be a truly vivid encounter for the kid and families any place and at whatever they need.” 

From the start, is by all accounts precisely what we had expected — Disney India bringing all that it sold on outsider platforms, however now in-house — with products being sold by any likes of Superhero Toy Store, Pace Sports, and Macmerise among others. Disney actually isn’t selling straight to Indian buyers, and all things considered, it doesn’t appear to have acquired any new products. It’s simply going about as an aggregator. 

It’s nothing similar to what we had trusted it would be: what might be compared to For example, the activity figures segment just has plastic collectibles and Funko Pops, and there’s no clue of Disney’s Elite Series die-cast figures. Indeed, there is by all accounts no presence of Disney’s present most famous property: The Mandalorian. Envision launching a Disney store in 2020 with no Baby Yoda, I mean, The Child toys. That is actually what is at this moment. 

All things considered, Disney India says that the product offering up will “keep on developing”. We wish it does, rapidly.


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