Best earphones under Rs. 1000 in India

Photo Courtesy: 1MORE

Budget in-ear headphones are a necessary piece of mobile accessories required by every individual, and there is a long list to choose from. Some provide audio balance, some have good bass, while some deliver neutral, loud audio. Here, we have listed the best earphones under Rs. 1,000, especially for every smartphone user. 

(1) BRAINWAVZ OMEGA (Rs. 999) 

The Brainwavz Omega is a fresh entry to the IEM segment and offers crunchy audio. It provides balanced & decent audio and uses 6mm driver units with a frequency response of 20-20000 Hz, housing the entire audible spectrum. 

(2) 1MORE PISTON FIT (Rs. 799)

The 1More Piston Fit is magnificent at its price. It offers powerful low-frequency performance, along with fair mids and clean highs. The audio balance is snug and enjoyable for volume levels up to 70 %, which is loud enough for most listeners. It is also slightly less costly than the best performer here, which makes it an even better value-for-money buy.

(3) SENNHEISER CX213 (Rs. 899)

Sennheiser CX213 adds to a long-range of audio products offered by the German audio company. Based on the very popular Sennheiser CX180, the CX213 offers better noise attenuation and wider frequency response over the CX180. They also offer better bass performance.

(4) JBL T100A (Rs. 1,120)

The JBL T100A has a deeper bass and a bigger soundstage. The build quality is fairly good, and the fit of the headphone is quite comfortable. If you have little more budget you can easily go for this.

(5) SONY MDR-EX150 (Rs. 749)

The Sony MDR-EX150 is one of the most budget-friendly offerings from Sony company. It offers a good bass response, along with great audio and good clarity of audio. It is also one of the best-built earphones for a price under Rs. 1000.


The Audio Technica ATH-CKL203 are lightweight and pleasant headphones that offer decent audio quality at its price. The audio from these budget pairs from Audio Technica is a little on the brighter side. With slightly weaker bass output, it comes with a cable wrap and four pairs of tips for the perfect fit.

(7) SENNHEISER CX180 (Rs. 819)

The Sennheiser CX180 has been one of the most dependable names while talking about affordable under 1k ear headphones in India. It offers clear & decent audio with a slight emphasis on bass.


The Evidson Audiowear R5 is a genuinely spectacular in-ear headphone under 1000. It delivers stunning audio but ranks below the Brainwavz Omega and the Altec Lansing MZX147 because of the compromised mids, slightly shrill highs, and a lack in build quality.


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