Call of Duty Mobile season 12 going dark update: Here’s everything you need to know

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 12 update has shown up. The new update is called ‘Going Dark’ and as anticipated, it has brought Night Mode in the matches and tasks players with depending on Night Vision Devices (otherwise called Night Observation Devices) to make the way around. Other than this, the update also adds new weapons, Operator Skill and Battle Royale class, and much more. 

New Map 

As teased previously, Call of Duty: Mobile has the new Hackney Yard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new map includes a metropolitan warehouse setting and is said to offer something for all players, paying little mind to their weapon preference. Interestingly, this new map is one of only one of that handful, not many that presently offer a night mode. 

Night Mode 

The eagerly awaited night mode has, at last, made its way to Call of Duty: Mobile. The mode is just available for three maps at the present time. Specifically, the previously mentioned Hackney Yard, Summit, and Crash. As of now, there is no word if the mode will be available in Battle Royale mode or if new maps will be in the future. In any case, we already knew that the Attack of the Undead mode will be added soon. 

New Weapons 

The new season also carries with it two new weapons. The first is another SMG called the AGR 556. It’s supposed to be a fair weapon that can be used in many situations. Strangely, the weapons accompany a special attachment called the 5.56 ammunition type that improves the weapon’s reach and harm yield. The weapon will be available for all players who figure out to reach level 21 in the battle pass. 

The second weapon is the .50 GS gun. This secondary weapon will be available after November 26 by means of the Small Arms occasion. The weapon offers a high harm yield, yet at an extremely slow speed of fire. It should be noticed that the Akimbo perk will be available for the weapon, so players can use two of them at the same time. 

New Operator Skill 

The Ballistic Shield Operator Skill is available to all players once they reach level 14 in the season’s battle pass. As the name suggests, the Ballistic Shield gives players a movable bulletproof shield. The shield additionally comes with some small pre-joined weapons that can be used to fight with enemies. 

Obviously, the update likewise accompanies a lot of bugs fixes, enhancements just as new characters and skins. There is additionally another Perk called ‘Launcher+’ that lets players carry an additional rocket for the SMRS or the FHJ-18 rocket launchers. 


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