Co-WIN: A free mobile app for COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Photo Courtesy: Reuters

As the COVID-19 vaccine is being developed by several manufacturers in India, the Union Health Ministry has introduced a digital platform known as Co-WIN. This will help to monitor the overall vaccination process and will let the people register themselves for the vaccination. A free mobile app with the same name will also be made available soon in India. 

Health Secretary, Rajesh Bhushan during a press conference said, “The digital platform Co-WIN application and Dashboard will help monitor the entire vaccination process. The platform includes a free downloadable mobile application which can help record vaccine data. One can register themselves on it if they want the vaccine.”

This Co-WIN app will have 5 modules which will be an administrator module, vaccination module, registration module, beneficiary acknowledgement module and report module. These modules will help vaccinators, administrators and people who will get these vaccine shots.

Administrator module – This module will help the administrators to organize vaccination sessions. 

Registration module – This module will be used by the common people to register themselves for vaccination. Also, it will make the registration process easy for the people and will upload bulk data relying on co-morbidity given by local authorities or by surveyors.

Vaccination module – This module will help to verify the beneficiary details and to update vaccination status.

Beneficiary acknowledgement module – This module will help in sending SMS to beneficiaries. It will also help in generating QR based certificates after an individual gets vaccinated.

Report module – This module will help in preparing reports on how many vaccine sessions have been done so far, how many people have attended those sessions and how many people have dropped out from those sessions, etc.


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