Creative Stage V2 soundbar launched in India with surround sound technology

Photo Courtesy: Creative

Creative a Consumer electronics manufacturer has announced the launch of its latest soundbar system, called the Creative Stage V2 in the Indian home entertainment market. It is a 2.1 channel set up with enhanced sound quality, a larger body and audio technologies like Clear Dialog audio and Surround technology.

The Stage V2 comes with a sleek and minimalistic design which is slightly bigger than the original Creative Stage speaker system. The speaker also comprises two custom tuned mid-range drivers accompanied by a powerful subwoofer with a total power output of 160W.

Photo Courtesy: Creative

The speaker consists of two audio technologies which are Surround and Clear Dialog audio. The former is used to extend the soundstage more in order to have a better movie experience whereas the latter technology is used for clear hearing syllables in spoken dialogue.

It is compatible with multiple types of devices which includes TVs, mobile phones, computers, gaming consoles etc. because of its multiple input methods.  It also supports TV ARC, AUX, Bluetooth, optical and USB audio streaming. It also has a remote control which helps in switching between the different input sources and makes it easier to adjust treble and bass settings.

The new Creative Stage V2 speaker will be available via Amazon and Flipkart. It will be available for sale starting from the third week of December with an introductory price of Rs. 9,999.


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