Delivery boy runs away with iPhone 12 Pro Max units worth Rs. 18 lakhs

Photo Courtesy: Apple

Apple’s iPhone comes under luxury products and due to luxurious and expensive items, the demand of Apple products is also high and even increases the risk of theft. Some people buy iPhones in terms of security and some people buy it just for show off. Recently, a delivery boy stole and escaped with the iPhone 12 Pro Max worth Rs.18 lakhs. Let us know the matter in detail.

This case of iPhone theft of worth Rs.18 lakhs is reported from China. In China, a delivery boy named Tang has stolen 14 iPhones 12 Pro Max worth Rs. 18 lakhs and escaped. But, he is arrested shortly by police after being absconded.

Tang, the delivery boy was given an order of 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max to deliver for Meituan-Dianping which was placed on November 14. After receiving this order for delivery, Tang cancelled the order of all the 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max but he did not return the phone. 

According to a report, Tang opened the box of 1 iPhone 12 Pro Max and gave the other phone to his friend in order to pay his debt. Apart from this, he sold the third phone for 9500 Chinese Yuan at a shop which is approx. Rs. 1,07,222 and the fourth one for just 7000 Chinese Yuan which is approx. Rs. 79,032.

After selling a few stolen iPhones, Tang took a BMW car on rent and set out on a walk. He paid Chinese Yuan 600 every day as rent for the car which is approx. Rs. 6,772. As per the reports, he also purchased some expensive clothes for him. Tang was enjoying a luxurious life for two to four days as if he had got a lottery. But, it did not last for long and the police grabbed and caught him with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After this incident, the Apple store has banned Tang and issued a black notice against him.


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