DigiBoxx: India’s own online cloud storage service

Photo Courtesy: DigiBoxx

NITI Aayog has recently launched a new online cloud storage service, called the Digiboxx, a data storage and management platform under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. It is India’s first homegrown Digital Asset Management Platform. Digiboxx will help you easily store and collaborate your digital assets, such as photographs, files, sensitive collateral, and more. It also offers the Instashare feature that lets you share large files with anyone via email. The service will be offered to individuals, SMBs, and enterprises. Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop users can enjoy Digiboxx on their devices.

Digiboxx Features:

Key features of Digiboxx are on-demand, real-time access, and editing. With these, users can update their digital assets on-the-go from their smartphone or personal computers. The website claims that a user’s data such as photos, files, or collateral is completely secured on the platform. Data will be controlled by Indian law – the provisions of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill, which is specifically targeted at the protection of data.

Users can also make use of metadata for simple searches on Digiboxx. Further, users can also split their digital assets into sections, create labels, filters, and place important assets on top. Digiboxx offers cross-functional and external sharing as well, which lets SMBs and enterprises share their assets with internal teams and clients. SMBs and enterprises can also include Digiboxx into the brand website/page.

Digiboxx allows users to create multiple custom workflows for multiple brands, track brand asset performance, and much more. With the remarkable Instashare feature, it allows a user to share large files with anyone by using just an email. A user can send files up to 2GB only that stay on DigiBoxx for 45 days.

Users will have to create an account through the website, Android app, or iOS app of Digiboxx to use it. 

DigiBoxx cloud storage price and benefits:

DigiBoxx prices and benefits vary from user to user. These are dissimilar for a free user, a freelancer, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises. All the plans offer support for unlimited external teammates, meaning people who don’t have DigiBoxx accounts can also access the files received by them. The plans offer features such as fusing with Gmail, real-time multi-user file association, advanced real-time collaboration, web document previews, and automated account backups.

The DigiBoxx free plan offers 20GB of cloud storage space and supports files of a maximum size of 2GB each. It includes Gmail integration and unlimited external collaborations.

Monthly and yearly service plans are available. For individuals or freelancers, there is a Rs. 30 per month plan, which offers 100GB storage space. This means storage of up to 5TB on a yearly basis, which will cost Rs. 360. The plan supports a 10GB maximum file size only.

For SMBs, the company will charge Rs. 999, which will include up to 50TB storage with a maximum file size of 10GB. The plan supports up to 500 users. For enterprises, there is an option to go for custom cloud storage plans with requirements for over 500 users and configurable total storage size. For large enterprises, there is no per-file size cap.


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