Fake Xiaomi products worth Rs 33.3 lakh seized in Bangalore and Chennai

Photo Courtesy: Xiaomi India

The racket of fake Xiaomi products worth Rs 33.3 lakh in Bangalore and Chennai has been seized by the police. Seven people were detained for selling unauthorized ‘Xiaomi’ products. These counterfeit Xiaomi products were seized from four suppliers in Chennai and three in Bengaluru.

“More than 3000 products with mobile back case, headphones, power bank, charger and earphones were found. The shop owners of both the cities were arrested for allegedly selling fake Mi India products worth Rs. 24.9 lakh and Rs. 8.4 lakh, “the company said in a release.

Xiaomi said the operation was a part of its anti-counterfeiting program. A complaint was filed at the local police station, and raids were conducted in the market in the months of October and November. Following the registered complaint, the police officers along with representatives of the company seized the counterfeit devices from the three major shops in the area.

Last year Xiaomi enlisted the help of Delhi Police to solve the problem of fake Mi products sold in the market. The company had lodged a complaint at the Karol Bagh police station and recently conducted raids in the Ghaffar market area. The Delhi Police team, with the help of Xiaomi’s representatives, seized more than 2,000 fake Xiaomi products from four shops whose owners have been arrested for selling counterfeit products.

The raid saw the seizure of over 2000 counterfeit products, including some mobile accessories, which have not even been officially launched in India. Counterfeit notes seized include Mi Power banks, Mi Neckbands, Mi Travel Adapter with Cable, Mi Earphone Basic with Mic, Mi Wireless Headsets, Redmi Air Dots and Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable etc. Xiaomi has claimed that fake products are worth Rs 13. Last year millions were recovered from four suppliers.


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