First-ever Virtual Reality Durga Puja celebration in london: No more missing Puja feels


Who could have imagined that we’ll be celebrating the biggest Bengali Durga Puja sitting in front of our mobile phones and screens without compromising with the pujo vibes? London Sharad Utsav is taking care of exactly the same.

As the Novel CoronaVirus has taken a toll on the world, UK-based charitable organization Bengal Heritage which is behind one of the country’s biggest Durga Puja celebrations has announced that people can celebrate this year’s Puja from the comfort of their homes without violating any kind of lockdown guidelines with the latest Virtual Reality enabled Durga Puja. The organization is working on it so that people can enjoy both 2D and 3D celebrations. The virtual reality aspect will make sure that it meets all the lockdown guidelines and avoid large social gatherings without compromising with the celebrations. 

Although the possibility of a ticketed system for the physical aspect of prayers is still there the charity is making alternate arrangements in case things start to take a turn to the worst.  

Suranjan Som, Vice President of London Sharad Utsav said that they are making sure no one misses the pujo and can offer Anjali as well as pray during ‘Sandhi Pujo’. He added that to make this possible, the organization is using cutting-edge Google VR technology to ensure London Sharad Utsav reaches every home and mobile device all over the world. This can be achieved with a relatively inexpensive Google Cardboard VR headset and one can feel they are sitting right in front of the idol with a priest carrying out the regular ceremonies. Wow!!

The London Shrad Utsav’s theme this year which is planned for the weekend is “A ray of hope” to give tribute to the legendary Bengali Filmmaker Satyajit Ray on the occasion of his 100th Birth Centenary. Bidisha Datta who is in lead for the project admitted that the name also suggests anticipation of an end of this pandemic.

The London Sharad Utsav team has taken care of the risk analysis to meet the government guidelines, in which London is placed in Tier 2 of the three-tier coronavirus alert levels – restricting mixing of different households indoors. The team has planned detailed scenarios together with local authorities for safe and compliant Pujo. The members attending the Pujo will have to undergo training before they can attend physically. They also have to undergo a registration process for the same.


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