Google Assistant adds smart features to its Wear OS

Photo Courtesy: Medium

American multinational technology company Google has introduced a stack of new features to its virtual assistant on Wear OS platform. Smart suggestions, ability to speak and actions for Wear OS powered smartwatches are some of the new Google Assistant features incorporated by Google. These features will be rolled out by the company in the coming few days.

To start with, Google has added smart suggestions through which users will be able to choose from contextually relevant follow up questions or queries through smartwatch which is similar to what we see in Google Assistant for Google Home or smartphones. For example, when you want to know about the weather and ask for weather, you can view weather now and then tap on a suggestion to see the forecast for the weekend.

Moving further, Google has also announced Actions with Google Assistant for Wear OS. Users will be able to ask Assistant to get directions, play movie trailers on TV, manage shopping lists, find food and drink, play games, set alarms, control cars, make video calls, find stores, check local news and many more through features. There are more than 1 million Actions which can be used by users on their smartwatches which are powered by Google’s Wear OS.

Also, now Google Assistant gets the ability to speak. Let’s take an example, suppose if you are listening to a song on your way, ask the Google Assistant to “tell me about my day.” You will get to hear some helpful information like your commute time, morning routine and news through your watch’s speaker or Bluetooth headphones.


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