Google Chrome OS 87 brings search in browser tab, battery percentage for Bluetooth headphones to Chromebooks


Google has started rolling out Google Chrome OS 87 for its Chromebook models and also introduced some new features which makes web browsing and use of Bluetooth accessories more easier. The new version of Chrome will have a Tab Search feature which was added last month to the Windows version of the browser. This will allow users to locate a tab among multiple open tabs in a browser. Chrome OS 87 will also reflect the battery level of wireless headphones which will be connected to your Chromebook. This update has also introduced several new wallpapers from four different artists and some bug fixes.

Google has shared some information through an official post on the Chromebook support page that Chrome OS 87 has started rolling out for devices and will soon reach all the devices in the coming days. The new OS version brings a Tab Search feature to Chrome through which users can easily locate a tab among multiple open tabs. By clicking on the Tab Search button which is next to minimise button will bring a drop down menu where you can search for a particular tab. You can also use shortcuts for the same – Ctrl+Shift+A.

Tab Search was incorporated to the Windows desktop version of Chrome last month but is yet to make its way to all users. It came with an updated version 87.0.4280.66.

The Quick Setting or Settings menu will now reflect battery levels of the Bluetooth headphones which is connected to your Chromebook. When you connect a Bluetooth headphone to the Chromebook, a notification will pop up at the bottom right hand side of the screen which will show the battery level. If you want to know the battery level while using the headphone you just need to simply click and open the Quick Settings or Settings menu. As of now it is not clear whether this feature will work with other Bluetooth accessories as well or not.

Also, there are 36 new wallpapers in Chrome OS 87 from four different artists. You have the option to change the wallpaper in Chrome OS by just right clicking on the desktop and clicking on Set Wallpaper option.

Google has asked users to give any feedback or bugs if they experience while using the forum. Most importantly it should be noted that not all users will be eligible for the update immediately since it will roll out progressively over the coming days.


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