Google is improving Gmail settings to give more control over personal data to Users


Google is improving Gmail settings which focus to give more control to users over their personal data. The enhanced settings are an extension of Google’s default auto-delete settings which were introduced in May 2019. As per Google, users now can have more control over Smart Features and Personalization on Gmail with the improved settings. 

Smart Features is the setting which automatically filters emails into neat tabs and further enables Smart Compose and Smart Reply options whereas on the other hand, personalisation is the personalised user experience which is given by accessing Gmail data even from Chat and Meet tab on various Google platforms including reminders for bills on Google Pay, restaurant reservations on Google Maps and so on.

The first preference directs whether users want to use Gmail with ‘smart features.’ If the option is activated then users will have the access to categorise the emails automatically under Promotions, Social and Primary inboxes. It also consists of summary cards for shopping, travel reservations and package tracking and calendar event creation date wise and other details in emails. 

In a blog, Google posted that in case the user opted to disable the ‘smart feature’ option, the setting would demean the overall performance of the platform however, users will always have the option to enable or disable it. Similarly, if the personalisation setting on Gmail is activated, the data from the email account will be used to personalise Assistant, Maps, Google Pay and Travel and if it is disabled then, users will be using limited versions of other Google products.

Google also ensures that the personalized ads are not based on the data of Gmail users and highlighting that personal data is not shared with third-party vendors. The new settings will be available for regular Gmail users and customers having Google Workspace accounts. The company further added that the ability to turn on or off some of these individual ‘Smart features’ is not new but the new settings focused to make choices over data processing easier. 

Google stated that “This new setting is designed to reduce the work of understanding and managing that process, in view of what we’ve learned from user experience research and regulators’ emphasis on comprehensible, actionable user choices over data.” These new Gmail settings will be available to apply in the upcoming weeks.


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