Google Photos to stop offering free unlimited storage from next year: All you need to know

Photo Courtesy: Google

Google Photos is one of the easiest to understand and functional photograph storing/display applications. Following a long time since the organization launched the platform, it has reported that it will stop offering the free unlimited storage feature from 1 June one year from now. 

Beginning 1 June 2021, any new photographs and recordings that will be uploaded on Google Photos will check toward the free 15 GB of capacity that comes with each Google Account or the extra storage that the user has bought as a Google One member. The free 15GB or the extra amount of storage bought is shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos. 

This move might be a push to deal with the developing interest in data storage. As indicated by the company, in excess of 4 trillion photographs are uploaded on Google Photos, and consistently 28 billion new photographs and video recordings are uploaded every week. Google guarantees that this change additionally permits them to stay up with the developing demand for storage. Users put resources into Google’s environment have the choice to buy the Google One membership which offers more storage capacity for a limited time. 

Notwithstanding the deadline, Google guarantees that any photographs or video recordings that have been uploaded in High quality before June 1, 2021, won’t be counted in the 15GB of free storage or the storage that has been purchased also. Photographs and recordings uploaded before June 1, 2021, will in any case be considered free and excluded from the storage if possible. 

On the off chance that the user backs up their photographs and video recordings in Original quality, these changes don’t bother them. The first quality photographs and recordings will keep on checking toward the 15 GB of free storage over the user’s Google Account. 

Pixel phone users, notwithstanding, still get some extra advantages. Owners of any of the Pixel gadgets can in any case transfer pictures from that gadget and it won’t affect the storage. Photographs and recordings uploaded in High quality from that device will keep on being absolved from this change, even after June 1, 2021. 

Google guarantees that over 80% of users should even now have the option to store about three additional years’ worth of recollections with the free 15 GB of storage. The organization will inform the user when the storage begins coming near to reach the 15 GB mark. Google photos offer devices that will permit clients to select pictures/recordings that should be erased. 

The organization is additionally offering many tools to help user’s plan and transition to the new updated policy. The organization will give a customized estimate of how long the user’s storage may last. This considers how regularly photographs, video recordings, and other content are uploaded to the Google Account.


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