Google will start selling audiobooks on Play Store

Photo Courtesy: Entrackr

Google is now planning to sell audiobooks on Google Play Store. The company has already launched a promotional banner for the arrival of audiobooks.

As per the reports by 9to5Google, the banner can be seen on Google Play website, though some sources say that the banner can also be seen at the Android app. However, the section is still not live. Also, there is nowhere mentioned specifically when the content will be available to purchase for the masses.

The banner also reveals that Google will offer a discount of 50 percent on the first title. Report further added that Google Play’s music library will also offer the selection of audiobooks. Audiobooks available on the Google Play Store were also given a hint in the past as well. Previously Android Police had reported that it had found references to audiobooks of the Google Play Book app in an APK teardown. The teardown also revealed that Google will introduce several new features. Also, through these features users will be able to differentiate between audiobooks and eBooks.

Google is set to enter into a new domain of audiobooks once again with this. Those who are not aware, audiobooks are exact word-to-word versions of books which allows users to hear them via music player, smartphone etc. Currently, Amazon has a variety of audiobooks available on its platform which dominates this market. Amazon is a giant e-commerce which owns Audible, the leading retailer of audiobooks. These days, demand for audiobooks is increasing rapidly as podcasts and other streaming Medias are becoming mainstream more.

Recently, Amazon has added audio support for its entry level Kindle e-book reader. As per the Amazon listing for the entry level Kindle states, “Now, you can listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks on your Kindle – anytime, anywhere, while travelling, cooking, or when you just want to rest your eyes. Pair with Bluetooth to move seamlessly from reading to listening.” Audible membership has also been started by the company. Those who are going to sign up for this will get a free trial and two free audiobooks.


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