How to speed up your android phone in just 5 minutes


Android smartphones, no matter how powerful, slow down over time with regular usage. In fact, some of the best Android smartphones collide with the user experience, the very smartphone that you were very happy to use when you first operated on the phone. After using the phone for couple of months, are you starting to notice that your device is running slow and surviving with lags and slow animations?

A smartphone that cannot be kept for your use and needs to be replaced and this may be the first thought that crosses your mind. However, before you move on to a new smartphone and make changes to it, there are some changes you can make to your current smartphone to speed it up again. And it doesn’t take long, five minutes is all that speeds up your Android phone.

Always free up your storage space:

One of the primary reasons for your smartphone slowing down may be due to lack of storage space. For this, Google application files from the Play Store can help you free up space easily by clearing cache data, duplicate files, leftover folders and temporary data to free up storage space on your phone.

The app can also be used to monitor files stored on the phone and you can choose to delete unwanted files from the Files app.

These days most smartphones come with a “cleaner” app that automatically monitors your storage to remove cache memory and recommend cleaning.

Remove deleted apps and disable bloatware:

Smartphones by different manufacturers, which fall under the purview of Google and Android One programs, come with some pre-installed bloatware including apps that you will probably never use.

Deleting such apps frees up storage space and ensures that your phone can run smoothly after several months of usage. Some of these pre-installed apps can be uninstalled while others can only be disabled.

To track such apps, go to the Settings menu and choose Apps from the list of options. From the list of installed apps, select the ones that you will probably never use or have rarely used and get rid of, either by uninstalling the app or simply disabling them. This is a manual process but the most efficient way to remove unwanted apps from your smartphone.

Disable animations / transitions:

If you watch your phone intermittently between transitions, you can choose to disable animation throughout the phone. This will remove all types of animations between different functions and you will have a comparatively faster experience when using the phone.

To disable animation, go to the Settings menu and tap About Phone. Here, tap on the build number seven times and it will enable the Developer option in Settings. Go back and choose the developers option from the list. Now, scroll down to the drawing category and tap on Windows Animation Scale which is set to 1x by default. In the pop-up selection, choose Close Animation and you’re good to go.

Try and use a minimal home screen space:

If you prefer to heavily customize your phone with live wallpapers, widgets, and multiple elements spread across multiple home screens, your phone may be in danger of slowing down.

To deal with this problem make sure that your home screen has at least elements and recommends that only the necessary app shortcuts be kept in it. Using widgets in conjunction with live wallpaper can also cause lag during multitasking, so we recommend you use these features sparingly if possible.

Use lite apps:

If you are using a phone that has begun to show signs of aging it may be possible to stop the recession by installing a lite version of the popular app you use regularly. From social media apps like Facebook to graphic intensive games like PUBG Mobile, developers have released lightweight versions of their apps to provide the same functionality and experience to older and budget phones.

Apart from this, you can also install progressive web apps and instant apps instead of downloading the entire package from the play store which takes up more storage space.

By following these five steps, we believe that you will see a significant improvement in the general speed of your smartphone and will be able to keep it running for months. Finally, if nothing works your phone may be asking for a factory reset but before you close that road make sure you make a backup of your data because resetting with this, all the data of the phone will be cleared.


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