India emerging as a most preferred place for mobile manufacturing, says Narendra Modi

Photo Courtesy: ANI

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India is coming out as a most preferred destination for mobile manufacturing. He addressed the 4th edition of India Mobile Congress through a video conferencing and said that every village in India will have high-speed optical fibre data network connectivity in three years.

The Prime Minister said that “India is emerging as the most preferred destination for mobile manufacturing. We have also come up with a production linked incentive scheme to promote telecom equipment manufacturing in India. Let us work together to make India a global hub for telecom equipment, design, development and manufacturing.”

PM Modi further added that everyone needs to work together to ensure a timely roll-out of 5G to hop into the future and empower millions of Indians. He also said that the country will start working on one of the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drives with the help of mobile technology.

He added that India is a country with more than billions of phone users, billion-plus people with unique digital identity and more than 750 million users, the scale and speed of Internet access can be seen by the following facts.

He further said that half of the total Internet users in India were added in the last 4 years of span and half of the total Internet users are in rural areas. Our digital size and digital hunger are remarkable. We are a country with lowest tariff in the world and one of the fast-growing mobile app markets in the world. The digital potential of our nation is exceptional.

PM Modi said that due to mobile technology, the government is able to give benefits worth billions of dollars and to millions of Indians.

He added that because of mobile technology only we were able to help the poor and weak more quickly during the pandemic. Also, because of mobile technology we are seeing billions of cashless transactions which enhance formalisation and transparency. Moreover, due to this we will allow a smooth contactless interface on toll booths.

He said that it was difficult to even imagine the kind of impact which the mobile revolution had ten years ago in our country, society and the world.

PM Modi also mentioned that it is important to think and plan how lives can be improved with the upcoming technology revolution. Some of the targets on which we can focus and work towards are better healthcare, better education, better information and opportunities for our farmers, better market access for small businesses.

He added that due to our innovation and efforts the world was functional despite the pandemic. It is because of our efforts only that a son from a city was able to connect with his mother in a different city. A student was able to learn from his teacher without being in the classroom. A patient was able to consult with his doctor by being at home. A trader could connect with a consumer from different geography.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that the new other service provider guidelines will help the Indian IT Industry in order to reach the new heights. It will enhance the growth of this sector even after a pandemic is long gone. “This initiative will help to democratise the Indian IT industry and take it to the far corners of our country,” he said.

Speaking further he said that many of the young techies told him that it is the ‘code’ which makes a product special. Some of the entrepreneurs told him that it is a ‘concept’ which matters the most. Investors said that it is the ‘capital’ which is important to scale a product. But as per him what matters the most is the belief which the youngsters have on their product and sometimes belief is all that stands between just a profitable exit and making of a unicorn.


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