Indian Army launches SAI messaging app like WhatsApp

Source: Facebook


  1. Similar to WhatsApp, the Indian Army has developed such an app for itself.
  2. (SAI) is the new messaging app by the Indian Army.
  3. The app was unveiled with the purpose of preventing intelligence agencies from leading any sensitive information.

Indian Army has developed its own WhatsApp-like messaging app and it’s called the Security Application for the Internet (SAI). The message comes with reinforce for end-to-end Video calling & secure voice text services for Android smartphones. The app was unveiled with the aim of preventing intelligence agencies from leading any delicate information.

“SAI is a simple and secure messaging application that supports end-to-end secure voice, text and video calling services for the Android platform on the Internet. The pan-army will be used to facilitate secure messaging within the service, “an official said on Thursday, adding, “An officer was cited as TOI.

The report said that the app was first advanced by Colonel Sai Shankar, the commanding officer of a signal unit in Rajasthan. He was also praised by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh for his “skill and ingenuity” in developing the application.

“SAI uses end-to-end encryption messaging protocols and is similar to commercially available messaging applications such as SAMVAD, GIMS, WhatsApp and Telegram. A statement from the Indian Army said that SAI scores with local in-house servers and coding are in accordance with local requirements” and coding can be done. The app will initially be rolled out for Android users and the app is being read for the iOS platform. “The process of filing the Intellectual Property Right application, hosting the infrastructure at the National Informatics Center and adapting it to the iOS platform is currently in progress.”

Without a license, Indian Army personnel were directed to avoid using WhatsApp for official work. He was also asked to delete his accounts on Facebook as Pakistani and Chinese agents are constantly on the hunt to obtain vital information and data of the Indian Army.


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