Indore man’s life saved by Apple watch: Tim Cook wishes a speedy recovery

Photo Courtesy: Apple

We are all aware of the wonders technology can do. But a wristwatch, which is a style statement for many will be able to save a life! Who could have thought that? Recently, the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature of the Apple watch proved a lifesaver for the 61-year-old Indore man. 

According to news reports, Indore-based R.Rajhans who was a retired pharmaceutical professional was an avid user of the Apple Watch that his son, Siddharth had gifted him.

He used the inbuilt feature provided in the watch to check his ECG since March after falling ill. His son had shared that his father was getting arrhythmia signals or irregular heartbeat twice or thrice in the night which was a critical indicator for them. When the situation persisted for a longer time, they consulted the doctor who revealed that Rajhans was suffering from a low ejection fraction. This particular condition causes heart failure or cardiomyopathy as it lowers the amount of blood the left ventricle pumps out with each contraction.

The condition required immediate surgery and the early diagnosis helped them curb the dangerous consequence. His son credited the Apple watch for the early detection of the ailment and said that his father had a successful heart operation by undergoing Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery only because of it.

He wrote a mail and thanked Apple CEO, Tim Cook for this impressive feature on the device and the biggest surprise is that he even got a reply back from Cook himself wishing his father a speedy recovery. Such a sweet acknowledgment.

*Time to get myself an Apple watch*


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