Instagram and Facebook Messenger get three new messaging features


A few months ago, Instagram started to roll out the option to connect Instagram direct messages with Messenger. With this big announcement, Instagram has also said that the features like Watch Together, vanish mode and chat themes will be added to Instagram direct messages and Facebook Messenger both soon. These new features are now available on both the two platforms. Watch Together feature as the name suggests will let you watch the trending videos with friends whereas Vanish mode allows you to set messages to automatically disappear after a particular time.

Facebook confirmed in a blog post that the Watch Together feature is now available on Instagram direct messages and on Messenger as well. Users will have to start a video chat on Instagram or Messenger to use this feature. The ‘Watch Together’ option will be present in the menu option once the user starts the video chat. Facebook also claimed that it has added two shows for Watch Together feature which are “Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League” and “Here for It With Avani Gregg.” You and your friends can also tune into some other features like IGTV, Reels, other TV shows, movies and trending videos in real-time over video chat.

Facebook messenger users and Instagram users are also getting new chat themes who have opted for the Messenger experience. It consists of themes like tie-dye and love for better personalisation. Facebook further added, “And we’re adding a special chat theme on Messenger and Instagram with TinyTAN, a group of lovable characters created from the seven members of BTS. Once you update to the new experience, you’ll be able to activate the TinyTAN chat theme on Instagram and Messenger. Express your affection with emojis, share your favorite songs from the new album or customize your message reactions for your perfect TinyTAN-themed chat.” You can activate new themes by going into chat settings on Instagram and Facebook messenger.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger users are also getting the new mode “Vanish mode” which makes messages disappear once you have left a chat thread. This can be activated by swiping up in an existing chat thread and to deactivate it users will have to swipe up again. As per Facebook, people only who are following each other on Instagram or who are connected on Messenger can make use of vanish mode in one-on-one chats. This is an opt-in feature which depends on users to choose to be in or not. When users are in vanish mode then they are notified when someone takes a screenshot of the chat.

Facebook is also slowly rolling out vanish mode to Facebook messenger users in the US and some other countries. It is expected to launch for Instagram users in near future in the US and Facebook messenger users in Europe will also get it soon. As of now there is no clarity regarding roll out for other regions.


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