Internet speeds should be minimum 2Mbps to qualify as broadband, BIF tells TRAI


Broadband speeds in India have advanced considerably over time, including internet speeds. But, according to a submission made by the Broadband India Forum (BIF) in reply to a consultation paper floated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the definition of a broadband internet connection for India has not advanced over time. Moreover, the current minimum threshold of an internet connection has to offer a minimum of 512kbps bandwidth to qualify as ‘broadband’ is “dismally low”, according to the reports that confirmed BIF’s reply to TRAI.

The Broadband India Forum suggests a direction of minimum 2Mbps internet bandwidth, for both upload and download speeds, regardless of the medium and technology being used to deliver the connection across regions in India. The BIF has also suggested categorization of the broadband internet connectivity into basic, fast, and ultra-fast categories, to help fixed-line internet services achieve a minimum standard in terms of quality of service in India.

Seeing the last time a broadband internet connection was defined in India, internet service in the country has evolved in leaps and bounds. Mobile internet services in the country have significantly progressed, and today offer 4G fast mobile internet services – with 5G knocking on the door. Coming to the fixed-line internet services, a lot of regions are now connected by wired internet services, including gigabit-class fiber broadband connectivity. As a result, there is an inadequate difference in broadband services across the country, which requires an upgrade in terms of the basic framework of how internet connectivity is defined across India.

The TRAI had formerly floated consultation papers to various telecom service providers in India, recommending the minimum connectivity speed as one of the critical factors that require a regulatory restoration on an immediate basis. The near future shall witness the up-gradation of the Internet services sector in India.


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