LG is working on a futuristic laptop with rollable display, patent reveals

Photo: LG

OPPO, a few days back has revealed the OPPO X 2021 as the world’s first working concept of a rollable smartphone. OPPO revealed only a few details of this device and have not said anything about its launch. And now, South Korean multinational electronics company LG has confirmed that it will also release a rollable display phone by next year. Apart from this the South Korean electronics giant LG, has licensed a design for a rollable laptop.

However, LG has launched many other interesting products and yet to launch a foldable smartphone. LG is the only company to sell a rollable smart TV commercially which is known as LG Signature OLED TV R. Also, it is the first and foremost brand in the world to sell a modern smartphone with a swivel display in the form of LG Wing.

The company has confirmed to launch a rollable smartphone by next year which seems to even have plans for a laptop with the same technology and design since it has filed a design patent for the same. One of the publications, Root MyGalaxy has reported first about LG patent but have not said anything regarding when and where this patent was filed.

Photo Courtesy: Root MyGalaxy

The display of this laptop is said to be unrolled from 13.3 inch to 17 inch and this is not enough, the keyboard with a touchpad can be rolled inside the display drum. Hence, with this information we can assume that if the notebook is completely rolled then it will look like a soundbar. Due to this design, it will consume less space in bags.

Since the flexible technology is fragile hence, it will take some time to make this perfect and we do not see whether LG will be launching a rollable laptop in the near future.


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