LG to introduce ThinQ OLED and SUPER UHD TVs advanced functionalities

Photo Courtesy: LG

LG has announced today that it will introduce two TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) named ThinQ OLED and SUPER UHD. LG claims that new televisions will have Google Assistant and it will feature artificial intelligence as well.

TVs are inclusive of AI functionality which will be the major highlight. With the AI feature users will be able to speak directly into the remote control in order to enjoy all the convenient features of the voice assistant technology. One can make a request or give command orally through remote control for the same. The OLED and SUPER UHD TVs will have a Natural Language Processing (NLP). It will help in delivering activated voice control and connectivity on the basis of LG’s own deep learning technology, DeepThinQ.

LG’s ThinQ TV also has the capability to function as smart home hubs which offers access to other smart home appliances such as robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lights, smart speakers and many other devices which can connect to TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Adding further, ThinQ AI supports services which are based on Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in order to deliver information in real time or switch to a channel that offers the requested content. You can give such instructions to TV “search for a soundtrack of a movie” or “switch off the TV when a particular program has ended” without repeating the name of that particular program or mentioning a specific time.

The TVs also have the company’s latest Alpha 9 processor feature. The company claims that it provides true-to-life images with rich colours, sharpness and depth. The chipset is designed in such a way that it will support high frame rate (HFR) for producing smoother and clearer motion images at 120 frames per second for improved rendering of fast-action content such as sports and action movies.

Further, the company has also included Nano Cell technology in its SUPER UHD TVs. With the combination of Nano Cell technology, FALD backlighting and the α (Alpha) 7 processor, LG’s 2018 SUPER UHD TV offers some enhanced features. It includes deeper blacks, enhanced image rendering, improved shadow details and accurate colour from wide viewing angles.

Both the TVs, OLED and SUPER UHD TVs from LG features 4K Cinema HDR also. Both OLED and SUPER UHD TVs will come with an Advanced HDR technology which supports major HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG. For the best possible audio-visual experience, both 2018 OLED TVs and SUPER UHD TVs come with Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound.


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