LG unveils 55-Inch Smart Bed, 88-Inch OLED display at CES 2021

Photo Courtesy: LG

LG has shown its futuristic display concepts to the world in CES 2021 which was done virtually. In the past years, we have seen reliable TVs and high resolution panels. This year, LG has six different display innovations to perform with different real-use cases.

Smart living: 55-inch Transparent OLED Smart Bed

LG also showed some other features of the display, such as analyzing your sleep patterns or acting as an alarm clock. The frame also has a built-in speaker, so you don’t have to attach extra speakers to your bed.

In the home-restricted era of COVID-19, many of us are left to undergo fitness training in our bedrooms and living rooms. The industry is quickly adapted by introducing many video-based exercises you can do at home, but finding a good performance to watch these routines is often difficult. I personally use my phone most of the time, and it would be great to be able to do this on a large display.

This is why LG has built a 55-inch rail and pivot OLED. The display sits on a rail system and can slide from a hidden location in your home to multiple angles. LG shows a display hidden behind a wall, which then allows for use.

LG also gave display pivoting capability, as many of the workouts we do now are through apps. The next display shown by LG is primarily used for public utilities. The 55-inch transparent OLED was used in the metro, which displays transit information and routes, along with other information such as current times and weather.

LG says that the transparent properties of this OLED display allow travelers to enjoy the city-passing views while still getting useful ambient information. Being in Seoul itself, the great joy of public transit is seeing congestion in the city, so it makes sense to view transit information in a non-barrier-free manner.

As more services become increasingly self-directed, LG has decided to show what the restaurant’s future might look like with a larger 55-inch transparent OLED and 23.1-inch in-touch stretch display. In this demo, customers sit in front of a large 55-inch transparent OLED, which displays various menu items and even things like playing games. In the demo, the chef cooks the food just behind the performance. Due to the performance being transparent, customers can talk directly to the chef if necessary. Beneath the 55-inch OLED, there is a long touch screen display that allows customers to shop, select entertainment, or call the chef.

LG continued by showing a bendable OLED display that can tilt to a range of 1,000 mm. This means that you can use it in a flat orientation when viewing the material or bend it to a curved display while playing things like racing simulators. 

The final concept LG showed was an 88-inch 8K cinematic sound OLED. It is a large 8K display aimed primarily at home theater setups, and it employs the same vibration audio capabilities as a 48-inch gaming TV. Although LG has been showing 8K TV at CES for a few years now, it is probably the thinnest and highest running model ever.


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