Mi Human Body Sensor 2 launched in China: Price and specifications

Photo Courtesy: Xiaomi

Mi Human Body Sensor 2 has been launched in China which is the new addition to Xiaomi smart home portfolio. It tracks the movements to trigger corresponding actions and will be available through a crowdfunding campaign. The new device comes with a compact size and consists of various features like motion detection, light and dark recognition and intelligent linkage. It works with the Mijia app and gives all the necessary and required details. It covers a wide range up to 130-degree where it can pick up the movements within a distance of 7-metre.

Mi Human Body Sensor 2 Price, Features and Specifications:

As per the report by Gizmochina, the Mi Human Body Sensor 2 is available for CNY 49 which is approx. Rs. 550. It will be available through a crowdfunding campaign which will start from December 2, reportedly. It comes in a single colour option i.e. white and will be sold in China and as of now, there is no update regarding international availability.

The new device basically helps to track the movements which triggers certain actions that the user can set. It works and interacts with the Mijia app and can be placed anywhere. Also, it can be connected with other smart home devices in order to carry out a function through the app. The new device can be used in conjunction with a smart bulb or smart light through the app and can turn on the lights when it detects motion.

It can also be used to activate a smart camera for recording and push the footage to the Mijia app. Xiaomi claims that the new device can last for about a year with its battery and in case of low battery it will notify the user. The company also stated that even if the sensor is facing direct sunlight or kept in dark then also it will not have any issue with tracking movements. With the help of the Mijia app, users can see battery status, Bluetooth signal strength, product logs and other information about the Mi Human Body Sensor 2.


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