Microsoft Edge to roll out a new feature for faster browser launch

Photo Courtesy: Microsoft

If you are amongst the Edge users, who find it extremely difficult to wait for a few seconds for the browser to launch then there’s good news for you. Microsoft is testing new features in Windows 10 which would help in boosting the speed of the edge browser launching from the desktop, taskbar and hyperlinks within apps.

The new feature which is called start-up boost functions by starting core edge processes when windows 10 is booted, as reported by ZDnet. They continue running in the background at a low priority even when the browser is not open, keeping their memory usage at the lowest. Their continuous functioning makes sure the quick launch of the browser as soon as it is started.

So what about those users who neither use edge nor want unused background processes?  

They need not worry because the start-up boost comes with a feature that provides the option of enabling or disabling it. It is expected to launch in mid-January and will come in the stable build of Edge 88.

Microsoft said that they are in the process of bringing it into effect and the new feature may take a while before they can be utilized in the respective channel and build.

According to the Redmond firm, the feature will be available on various devices that are running Windows 10 but can be taken out from those who do not see expected positive impact.

Microsoft’s latest attempt to bring more people to start using its Chromium-powered Edge by rolling out a Start-up boost is quite interesting.  The recent revelation that Internet Explorer users would be forced onto Edge when trying to access websites incompatible with the former has initiated an open strike on its counter browser Chrome. Although it will help the number of users using Edge to grow, yet its market share is quite lesser than Chrome at 66 percent in comparison to the former which is at around 3 percent.    


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