Microsoft to launch low cost Surface tablets soon

Photo Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to launch low cost Surface tablets in order to give hard competition to Apple’s dominance in the tablet market with its iPad lineup. The brand is expected to launch the tablets in the second half of 2018.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new tablets will have a screen of 10 inch which is the same as seen in the standard iPad. The new Surface tablets will have rounded edges similar to what we have seen in iPad. Also, they are reported to be 20 percent lighter than the current high end models.

Further highlights from the reports is that the new tablets might cost around $400. It will comprise USB Type C connectivity which will be seen for the first time for Surface tablets. Report further claims that the upcoming devices will have four hours lesser battery life as compared with the current models. On a single charge, the Surface Pro can last up to 13 hours.

The processor and graphics cards for the device will be provided by Intel. Microsoft is planning to launch different models with internal storage of 64GB and 128GB. Also, sources which are closely in touch with the development team told the publication that there will be models which can connect to LTE cellular networks. The tablets will have a kickstand for typing and watching the video. It will run on Windows 10 Pro.

This is not the first time that Microsoft is looking forward and trying its luck in the tablet market. Previously also, Microsoft introduced a tablet called Surface RT in 2012 with some interesting specifications. But, the device didn’t receive the good feedback from the consumers and reviewers which forced the brand to close the production of the Surface RT. Since then only, Microsoft is closely focusing on a more premium Surface Pro lineup. Apple is currently leading in the tablet market with its iPads lineup ranging from budget segment to premium segment. 


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