Netflix is expanding Indian user base; brings exclusive monthly and yearly subscription options

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As the world has been on a standstill for over a year now, due to the pandemic, one thing that has been our fuel and kept us sane is uninterrupted streaming. Where everything else seemed stalled, OTT platforms seemed to be running and thriving. While we are confined in our houses, and getting work done, it won’t be an overstatement to say that Netflix has been a source of escape for us. We’ve all sworn to Netflix and chilling, making at-home stays rather entertaining.

With seeing the growing number of Indian subscribers, and the shifting trend in the country from TV to OTT platforms, Netflix eyes cashing the growing market. While its growing list of original content is picking up more pace than ever, the pricing of its plans still happens to remain an issue.

So if you want to know what Netflix currently offers in India, you might be in luck as they have something for people with different pockets. 

How many subscription plans does Netflix offer in India?

Netflix currently offers four subscription plans in the country. These plans are from mobile-only to Premium plan (Rs 199 to Rs 799). Each plan comes with a different kind of accessibility and offers a different number of screens on which content can be viewed simultaneously. Here’s the list of all plans that Netflix has to offer you:

  1. Netflix Rs 199 mobile-only plan
  2. Netflix Basic Rs 499 plan
  3. Netflix Standard Rs 649 plan
  4. Netflix Premium Rs 799 plan

Netflix Rs 199 mobile-only plan

This is the cheapest way to stream some of the best shows, movies and originals on Netflix. Netflix Rs 199 mobile-only plan can only be accessed through your smartphone. Also, the user can access 1 screen at a time; however, the content displayed is in HD.

That said, you won’t lose out on picture quality but might want to not share your password with anyone. The annual charges for this mobile plan are Rs 2,388.

Netflix Basic Rs 499 plan

If you use other devices than your phone, or like to stream your favorite show on a bigger screen for fuller view, then scrap the Rs 199/- plan and go for the Rs 499 basic plan instead. But here’s the catch, the increased price does not mean more screens. You can still only access one screen at a time. The content is, however, available in SD or HD resolution depending on your connectivity speeds. The annual charges for the plan are Rs 5,988.

Netflix Standard Rs 649 plan

Want bigger as well as more screens? Rs 499 plan is totally for you! The plan allows you to stream the desired content on two screens simultaneously. Plus Netflix puts no restrictions on the viewable content in any of its plans, which is great! The Annual charges for this plan are Rs 7,788.

Netflix Premium Rs 799 plan

Want unlimited, unrestricted Netflix streaming? The Rs 799 plan is to go for! This is a family-plan wherein the account can be accessed on four-screens simultaneously. All content can be streamed in HD or SD if you avail the plan. The annual subscription charges for the plan are Rs 9,588.

An experimental new Rs 349 plan

Netflix wants to grow its user-base in India, and is therefore, carefully curating further subscription plans to cater to a wider audience. Another plan recently offered is priced at Rs 349. This new plan reportedly works on a mobile phone, tablet, and even computer/laptop, however leaving the TV sets. The new plan will suit users who are seeking to stream HD content to their handy devices. 

Another Netflix’s Hidden Promo Card: Free Upgrade 

Netflix also offers a one-tier upgrade to a more expensive plan for the first 30 days of when you subscribe. A successful promo initiative by the world’s biggest streaming platform, the offer is only available to new Netflix members, and is applicable to the Rs. 499 “Basic” and Rs. 649 “Standard” Netflix plans. So if you subscribe and pick “Basic”, you’ll be upgraded to “Standard” for the first 30 days at no additional cost. And if you pick “Standard”, you’ll get a month of “Premium”, which otherwise costs Rs. 799 per month.

This upgrade from “Basic” to “Standard” offers 

  • High-definition (HD) video resolution 
  • Viewing on two screens. 

An upgrade from “Standard” to “Premium” brings added benefits such as: 

  • Ultra-high-definition (UHD) video resolution, up to 4K, 
  • Viewing option on four screens at the same time.
  • List of Netflix Plans: Monthly Price and Features
Netflix Plans (Monthly Price)Price per yearFeatures
Rs 199 Mobile-only planRs 23881-screen support, HD content, mobile-only
Rs 499 Basic planRs 59881-screen support, HD content, access across all platforms
Rs 649 Standard planRs 77882-screen support, HD content, access across all platforms
Rs 799 Premium planRs 95884-screen support, HD content, access across all platforms

So with the giant OTT brand bringing your best streams to you, enjoy uninterrupted streaming and make your days a lot more about binge-watch and less about monotony. Enjoy riveting shows, series, and movies from around the world as the Netflix-verse spans a variety of genres to choose from.


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