Netflix might soon introduce a new feature for android users

Photo Courtesy: Netflix

Netflix has been trying hard to introduce new features to its platform in order to compete with other OTT apps which are gaining fame. One such feature might bump to Netflix app on Android devices. The company is examining a new feature, this new feature will permit the users to keep listening to audio of a particular show or movie even when the screen has been turned off.

The new feature has been discovered by XDA Developers which is hidden with version no. 7.79.1 in an APK build of the application. In this regard, there is no functionality which has been added to the app. One of the threads in the APK indicates that “Save your data by turning off the video and listening to your favourite show or movie.” Further follow up thread states that, “The video is off, but you can continue listening to your show while you are busy doing other things.”

This clearly reveals that Netflix is at least examining such a feature. This new feature will let the users to wholly cut down the Netflix app and at the same time it will carry on playing the audio. This will not only help the user in maintaining the continuity by playing it in audio format but this will also help in reducing the data usage significantly since there will be no need to stream the video.

We cannot be sure if the company will execute this new feature in a stable manner or not since this feature is still under testing. Currently, the Netflix application via Android allows the users to do multiple things on the phone while watching a show or movie by using the picture in picture (PiP) mode.

Recently Netflix announced that they will be regulating a StreamFest to motivate more users to grab Netflix subscriptions in India. Netflix will let everyone watch their content for a period of two days under this new fest. The main thing which differentiates this new scheme from the 30 day free trial period is that the user will not have to put in their payment details for access.


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