Nokia feature phone caught fire while put under a pillow at night; Kerala user injured

Photo Courtesy: Nokia / HMD Global

It was a nightmare for a 53-year-old man named Chandra Babu from Kerala who was sleeping at his home with a Nokia phone under a pillow. According to a report by Manorama, the person sustained injuries due to the heating of the phone and the fire. It was a basic Nokia feature phone with a keypad, which is claimed to be charging the man when the accident occurred. It is possible that the phone may heat up, swell and ignite the battery, added the person, who is an auto-rickshaw driver by profession. 

Photo Courtesy: THE NEWS MINUTE

Babu suffered injuries on his arm and shoulder. An image of the Nokia phone (above) shared after the incident shows that it was chartered from the right.

“I was back home after a long ride at Trivandrum International Airport with a passenger. Since I was very tired, I was sleepy. I woke up feeling pain in my shoulder. When I looked at the bed, the edge of the pillow where the phone was placed was burnt and sparks were coming from the phone, “Chandra Babu told The News Minute.

Babu said that he still did not understand how the phone ignited. “He was alone and did not wear a shirt when the incident occurred.” according to the report. Upon realizing the burn, he pushed the phone to the ground and immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. The man is urged that people should not keep mobile phones under their pillows while sleeping. 


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