Nokia to set up the first 4G network on the moon for NASA, YES WHAT?

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Nokia on the moon? Yes, we are as shocked as you are. The Finnish multinational telecommunication has won the NASA contract to put up a 4G/LTE network on the moon which will eventually be upgraded to 5G according to sources. NASA has awarded Nokia’s bell lab an amount of $14.1million to carry out this revolutionary proposition which is a part of $370 million worth of contracts signed under NASA’s “Tipping Point” technologies, intending to advance research and development for space exploration. It has partnered with several other companies to deploy the technology on the moon for the accomplishment of the Artemis mission.

Artemis, NASA’s first manned mission to the moon after 50 years will see a substantial advancement in technology in order to make it successful. According to Nokia, communication will be a significant part of the Artemis program which will ensure a sustainable presence on the moon by the end of the decade.

NASA announced that “It will be “the first LTE/4G communications system in space”. The network is built to be compact and efficient, as well as “specially designed to withstand the extreme temperature, radiation and vacuum conditions of space.” According to NASA, more reliable and faster long-distance communication can be achieved with the help of 4G than the current radio standards on the moon. 

The new communication system will be sent along with the Artemis Lunar Lander which is supposedly to be launched by late 2022 and will reach the moon by 2024. The new advancement will surely be a lot more beneficial for the Space research Centre and hopefully will standby its purpose.

We cannot hold our excitement by the fact that soon space will have a similar network as Earth and our Astronauts can actually insta upload their moonwalk on the moon itself.


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