OnePlus’ latest concept smartphone has a color-changing back panel

Photo Courtesy: OnePlus

The first OnePlus concept phone — officially known as the OnePlus Concept One — was displayed at CES at the beginning of this year. It was shown sporting an electrochromic color-changing glass panel that could hide and show the rear cameras when needed. Implementing the same theme design, the brand has notified an OnePlus 8T concept phone with a symbolic pattern on the back that can shift between light silver and dark blue.

This newest concept smartphone is the concept of a brand-new creative studio called OnePlus Gaudí, involving 39 designers based in Shenzhen, New York, Taipei, and India. The smartphone’s back is enclosed in a slab of glass and has a metal oxide film underneath that changes color when the voltage applied to it is varied. The design team is testing out different types of interfaces to add on some more advanced functions, such as combining it with a mm Wave radar module that is placed in the camera housing enables it to recognize and track objects.

The most intriguing feature of the new development could be touchless notifications. The device could flash colors upon reception of a call or message. Besides, Gestures could be included for hands-free control. It is similar to what the Soli chip enables on the Pixel 4. The device could also be used to monitor a user’s breathing and turn the phone into a biofeedback device.

It is unclear what stage this concept phone is actually at, but it definitely offers up some interesting possibilities for future OnePlus phones. We might come across more details and information about the phone in the approaching future.


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