Opera integrates player feature on desktop browser for quick access to Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music

Photo Courtesy: Opera

Opera is integrating a player feature on its desktop browser that can give customers faster entry into music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. The new player’s feature can be accessed within the browser’s sidebar, below the Messengers section. Playback can be managed with the normal playback button on the keyboard or by hovering over the player icon within the sidebar, a mini playback management menu will appear. Users can stay logged in and alternate between all three music streaming platforms.

The player in Opera starts streaming an audio file or a video in a tab and the robot will resume playback as soon as it finishes. Users can get ready to stream songs from Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music, and browse to close tabs, applications, or units. If you do not need this feature to appear on your Opera sidebar, you can probably swap it within browser settings.

Opera noted that nowadays music streaming platforms had additionally evolved in the genre as a huge part of our lives was now on-line. “Managing different streaming apps or tabs can be tedious: We all know that music continues to play on the video we want to watch. We fixed it with the player feature, “Corporate said in a weblog published.

Users can play, close or leave tracks with their tabs left or the player open. As discussed above playback can be managed on the keyboard or with the general playback management menu which appears by hovering the mouse pointer over the player icon within the sidebar.


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