OPPO Find X3 series to launch in 2021 with true 10-bit color support

Photo Courtesy: Oppo

Oppo Find X3 is teased to roll out in 2021. The company, at its INNO DAY 2020 conference, announced that the Oppo Find X3 series will offer end-to-end 10-bit color support with its new Full-path Color Management System. This new Color Management system will also bring support for High-Efficiency Image Format and a full DCI-P3 wide color gamut across the phone to offer more accurate colors. 

The company talked about the new developments of Oppo Find X3 during the second day of the INNO DAY 2020 conference in China. The new Full-path Color Management System of the Oppo Find X3 series will be the first to be introduced in any Android phone. The new device will have a native 10-bit display. The Color Management System of this new flagship phone series will support true 10-bit HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) capture and storage, which apparently required “rewriting the underlying system” — across encoding, decoding, editing, and rendering — due to the legacy 8-bit support. 

Oppo has also introduced a new feature that will benefit those who suffer from color vision deficiency. Color Correction Solution 2.0 is built on top of Android’s default color correction mode in the accessibility settings. Oppo integrated with Zhejiang University to conduct a large-scale study of over 6,000 samples, and in return produced 765 correction results. This, in turn, will offer greater flexibility in color correction, so that users can further personalize their screens to meet their visual needs.


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