Oppo has no immediate plans to launch its rollable smartphone

Photo Courtesy: Oppo

A couple of days back, Chinese phone maker Oppo unveiled the X 2021 rollable smartphone concept at the Inno Day 2020 event. The main highlight of the Oppo X 2021 concept phone was its 6.7-inch rollable display design which can expand from the side and offers a 7.4-inch display. 

However, at present, the Chinese company has confirmed that it isn’t ready yet to deliver the phone commercially in the near future. The rollable phones would frame options in contrast to foldable telephones. But, Oppo is now holding off the manufacturing of the rollable phone on a commercial scale.

The company has mentioned in an email reply to the inquiry by Android Authority “In spite of the fact that there is no plan for its commercialization the short term, it will serve in as a guide for the change and evolution of future devices form factors,” 

The company has also said “Commercialization requires market research and business justification, and may take some time,” 

So basically, the company has confirmed that it won’t release the rollable phone commercially. In any case, the company might use the ideal phone for the advancement of its other phone designs. 

A report from Android Authority also suggests that it confirmed that the company is using “plastic surface on the screen” yet it will also use “hardcover” to improve the durability of the display. So, it means that the sustainability of the rollable phone display is going to be similar to the durability of foldable smartphones. 

In case, if you are really curious to use a rollable smartphone that is going to launch commercially then you have to wait for LG’s Project B, which is expected to make its debut to the global market in March 2021.


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