Oppo reveals a futuristic triple-fold concept smartphone

Photo Courtesy: Oppo

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has recently teased a multi-fold concept smartphone that has been made in collaboration with a Japanese design studio called ‘Nendo’. The idea reveals a triple-fold mechanism in a single device. The phone in its folded position measures 54 mm by 86 mm, and is the size of a credit card. The phone has three hinges folding over in the same direction.

The device can be slid sideways with the one-thumb operation. Oppo says that sliding one fold up exposes 40 mm of the screen with several functions, such as the time, notifications, call history, and even the music player interface, all available in the limited area.

Photo Courtesy: Oppo

Sliding the phone to the second fold reveals 80 mm of the screen and the camera as well. This section should be sufficient and comfortable for easily taking selfies and making video calls using the front camera.

Unfolding the whole phone unveils a 7-inch screen with a unique, slender proportion. The hinges of the phone are covered with Suede leather. There is also a wireless charger stand that is angled to suit the hinged state of the smartphone so as to have an integrated look while charging. 

Commenting on the partnership, nendo CEO and chief designer, Oki Sato, said, “I was impressed by OPPO’s philosophy, which goes beyond leveraging the latest technology and pursues a comfortable relationship between people and their products through a human-centric approach to design. I am looking forward to seeing new concepts from the OPPO team as well as seeing how they manage to further strike a balance between technology and emotional engagement.”



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