Oppo Smart TV to launch in India soon

Photo Courtesy: Oppo

Chinese Telecom Company, Oppo is all set to launch its smart TV’s in India. As per reports, Oppo will diversify its portfolio focussed on the connected device business in India. Along with Oppo, BBK Electronic Companies like One Plus and Realme are planning to expand their territory in India’s smart devices market as well. This expansion strategy is basically focussed on engrossing extensively into the smart television market which is largely ruled by Xiaomi presently.

According to the Economic Times report, Oppo is soon going to launch its smart televisions in India. The company launched its smart TVs in China a few weeks back finally. They come in two models with one of them having a pop-up camera, a 120Hz 4K display, and powerful Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers. OnePlus already has a market of a wide range of televisions in India and the top-class model sells for about ₹ 1 lakh.

An Oppo India spokesperson has claimed that India is one of the major markets for them and they are constantly working towards introducing new affordable products that are essential for Indian consumers. They are moving ahead into the era of the Internet of things by actively diversifying a richer IoT product portfolio.

The above statement by the spokesperson doesn’t directly point to the launch of TVs but we can quite sense out of it that it will. Oppo recently launched its audio products in India in a demented way. Most of Oppo’s new product is quite decent and comparatively on par with its rival’s products. This indication shows that we can definitely trust Oppo and expect it to hit the Indian Smart Television Market with quality products. Oppo is trying its best to take control of the Indian Electronic market which is currently vested in the hands of Xiaomi. This would also affect the market of Samsung and Sony and with so many competitive products available, Indian consumers will have a wide range of options to choose from and also will bring out the best from these companies. 


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