PUBG Mobile India APK download link appears on official website

Photo Courtesy: PUBG Mobile

The Indian edition of PUBG Mobile game was apparently available for a couple of hours! According to some reports, the APK download link of PUBG Mobile India briefly popped up for some users. But, the excitement was short-lived since the buttons went down very soon and were not what they appeared to be. On the other hand, this indicates that PUBG Mobile India can go live any day now. 

Multiple PUBG fans in the country witnessed what looked like download buttons for the PUBG Mobile India. Two buttons were seen at the bottom of the page. One button was leading users to the Google Play Store, whereas the other one was for direct download of the APK file.

But, reportedly the buttons had broken links attached. Multiple users reported that clicking on those buttons directed them to different PUBG Mobile resources on the website. According to them, the Google Play Store button led to the coming-soon announcement for PUBG Mobile India, whereas the download button redirected to the Facebook page of PUBG Mobile India. 

Pre-registration for PUBG Mobile India is already up for select Android and iOS users on the Tap game sharing community. The listing says that the game will be available in English & Hindi. PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations have begun and some teasers have been released as well.

PUBG Mobile India will be in line with Indian empathy. The avatars will be fully dressed up and a green liquid will replace the red blood that will be shown when an enemy is shot dead. Besides, a time-limit will be set on the game to counter the addictive nature of the game.

Reports have also noted that PUBG Mobile India will allow the use of the old IDs of users who played PUBG Global. This would help users get some sort of continuity in the game and their in-game purchases made in the global version will also be carried forward to the Indian version.


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