PUBG Mobile India version: New version to be different from PUBG global version

Photo Source: PUBG


  • PUBG Mobile India is ready to make a comeback with some cosmetic changes.
  • The game will make a comeback with a new logo, completely dressed up characters, and no bloodshed.
  • PUBG Mobile India release date is yet to confirm.

PUBG Mobile is all set to make a comeback to India as PUBG Mobile India soon. The company had announced the same earlier this week. But the government of India is yet to reveal any certain information regarding the comeback of PUBG Mobile. To date, the Indian government has banned a number of Chinese applications in the country and none of those has come back yet. The new PUBG Mobile India will be different from the original PUBG Mobile with some changes here and there to better suit the Indian players.

PUBG Mobile India: Name, gameplay, and other changes

PUBG has introduced a number of changes for its mobile version in India so far. For beginners, the game will have a new logo and pet name – ‘PUBG Mobile India’. The game will be different from the global version, more likely to be similar to that of the Korean and the Chinese version, and will give high priority to players’ privacy and security. There will be “regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding Indian users’ personally identifiable information to reinforce security and ensure that their data is safely managed,” the company said.

Moving to PUBG Mobile India gameplay, all the characters will be completely dressed up right from the start and the game will show less visual bloodshed and the blood will be shown as green instead of red. The developers say PUBG Mobile India is not going to be ‘fundamentally’ different from PUBG Mobile. Developers clarified that players will be able to resume with their old IDs and achievements. But this is not applicable to users who have banned profiles.

PUBG Mobile India release date

PUBG Mobile India’s release date has not been disclosed yet but the company is likely to launch the game before the end of the year 2020. PUBG Mobile India version is already up for pre-registration. The company has also begun teasing the game’s arrival through its social media handles.


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