PUBG Mobile rolls out new anti-cheat detection system to vanish unfair means

Photo Courtesy: PUBG

PUBG Mobile has become a massive game today as it has reached over 400 million players since its release in 2018. But it is also targeted by cheaters/hackers that use unfair means and hacks like magic bullets or more to play the battle royale game.

So, in order to promote fair gameplay, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new upgraded anti-cheat detection system with advanced real-time detection technology. The company has shared that it has taken constant measures to remove hackers from the game. 

The company has told that the security team differentiates between the use of unfair software player skill as well as unusual game occurrences and promotes fair play only. The security team closely observes the game, fairly monitors players, and ensures banning only players who are using any additional software, hacking, and cheating. 

“We want players to know that we are extensively working to providing a fair gameplay experience to our users,” said Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Department from Tencent Games “We take enormous pride in the game as we work on it every day, but cheaters harm and destroy all of our good work. We’re doing everything possible to avoid all the cheaters and keep them out of our game as much as possible.”


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