Qualcomm announces 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Photo Courtesy: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has unveiled its new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm’s 3D sonic sensor Gen 2 is expected to be introduced in early 2021 according to the company. In the absence of a fingerprint scanner visible on a lock screen, sometimes it is also difficult for users to place their finger in the correct location. With the new sensor, users will get a 77 percent larger fingerprint reader area.

The large floor space of the brand new fingerprint sensor helps 1.7 examples seize additional biometric knowledge and tempo soon. Qualcomm claims that the sensor will have the ability to capture 50% faster than earlier technology. You are more likely to discover the distinction when unlocking a telephone fitted with brand new sensors.

Unlike the previous generation 3D sonic sensor which was 4×9 mm, the 3D sonic sensor Gen 2 measures 8×8 mm. This brings a floor space of 64 square millimeters, which is 28 square millimeters, which is larger in size than the 36 square-millimeter space of the final technology. The new sensor is used in upcoming foldable and rollable phones, with an edge-to-edge OLED display. Also, it has an increased thickness of 0.2 mm which can help in unlocking the phone with wet fingers.

Samsung is set to release its Galaxy S20 series on 14 January. The new sensor may be included in an upcoming series. Qualcomm has been expanding the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for practically six years. The sensors gain many customers through the Samsung flagship. Some of the flaws within the specialization were revealed initially, and most of them have been intensified through software updates.

The company did not provide a solid launch date. But still, it mentioned that flagship smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 20 series had its first generation 3D sonic sensors. This suggests that the new sensor may debut on the Galaxy S21 series, which is expected to debut on Thursday 14 January.


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