Rapido starts auto services in 11 additional cities across India

Photo Courtesy: Rapido / Twitter

Rapido Auto is India’s largest bike taxi platform and now it has announced the extension of Rapido Auto services in 11 new cities across five states in India. The Rapido Auto service will provide access to the passengers for booking the autos for their day-to-day travelling from the comfort of their homes. The Rapido Auto service was launched in October 2020 and introduced to 14 main Indian cities across 10 states. It is a part of the shared mobility business model. Rapido Auto is now available across 25 Indian cities with its expansion to 11 additional cities. It is planning to on-board more than half a million auto drivers in the coming six months. Moreover, auto drivers can also self-on-board with the help of Rapido Captain App or by simply calling on the helpline number of Rapido.

Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder of Rapido on the extension of Rapido Auto, said, “We are witnessing a rapid demand and adoption of open and safe commute options in comparison to over-crowded public transport and expensive cabs. Autos have emerged as a preferred way of commuting post the COVID-19 pandemic after bike taxis. Through Rapido Auto, we aim to offer commuters another safe and affordable option for their everyday commute, apart from our Bike Taxi service and hope that it fills the gap of connectivity in these cities.”

Rapido Auto will be introduced to the main cities of the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh apart from Delhi-NCR. Each and every Rapido Auto will be powered with Rapido’s GPS technology which ensures that the constant requests which will land from the customers around them are approachable. Users will be able to keep a track on their ride and can share their real-time ride with their family and loved ones through Rapido Auto. Rapido Auto will also comprise an in-app feedback process like Rapido Bike Taxi service to allow and to ensure a safe and consistent user’s experience. For the Auto services, the captains will have to sanitize and clean the seats and all the areas which are accessible to customers after every ride. Also, along with this wearing mask is mandatory during the entire ride by the Captains and the passengers both.


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