Ryzen-powered Vaio laptop teased ahead of India launch

Photo Courtesy: Flipkart.com

After a series of many leaks and rumours, Vaio laptop teaser is finally out. The vaio-branded laptops will be sold in the Indian market exclusively via domestic e-commerce platform Flipkart.com and it is expected to launch sometime later this month or earlier of next month. The recently shared teaser image only shows the front part of the laptop including copper-coloured borderline and “Lighter than your past” tagline that means the upcoming device will be more lighter than Vaio’s previous models in terms of dimension and weight. We should know more details including the exact launch date very soon.

Vaio is making its comeback in the Indian laptop market with a new licensing deal. The brand used to be the PC segment of Sony and was considered as a leader in this section. It experienced a decrease in sales of PC because of the introduction of smartphones in the market hence Sony decided to limit its exposure and stopped concentrating on the Vaio brand.

Vaio got a fresh start in 2014 when the brand was divided as an independent entity. This allowed the company to make a re-entry in the PC market. Majority stakes are owned by Japan Industrial Partners whereas minority stakes are owned by Sony. Now, the known Japanese brand is also trying to make an act for market share in India as well.

Japanese laptop brand Vaio is set to make a comeback in India after a deal with Hong Kong-based company Nexstgo Company Limited

Vaio took an initiative to design thin and lightweight laptops when these were not in trend even. It was most commonly known for its focus on design and excellent integration between form and function. It was sad news for many of the customers regarding the disappearance of Vaio.

Vaio works with regional partners and gives its licensed brand name to other companies like BlackBerry. In order to make a comeback in the Indian market Vaio has cracked a similar licensing deal. Nexstgo Company Limited, a Hong Kong based firm has reportedly got the licensing rights for the manufacturing, marketing and sales as well as servicing of Vaio laptops under the Vaio trademark in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East countries and now in India.

As per TechRadar, Nexstgo has made similar arrangements for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and other Middle East markets. CEO of Nexstgo Company Limited, Alex Chung said that “We at Nexstgo are thrilled to reintroduce Vaio to Indian audiences, with a wide range of finest-quality laptops in the coming 3 months. The brand has previously witnessed unrivalled demand from the Indian market, and we believe that the country’s burgeoning tech-enthusiasts and young business professionals will be elated to experience Vaio’s premium solutions once again.”

Nexstgo also has a similar licensing agreement with Avita in India which is a Singapore based laptop brand. Avita focuses primarily on the budget and mid-range segment whereas Nexstgo will utilize Vaio to compete in the premium segment. As per the report, the first Vaio laptop will be a premium offering and will launch in January.

As we mentioned earlier, a teaser has been released regarding the comeback of Vaio via Flipkart which will be the online retail partner. Vaio will make a comeback with a laptop which will be based on AMD’s Ryzen platform and will aim at those who are working from home. As of now, there is no further information about the launch of the laptop in the Indian market.

Photo Source – Flipkart

The PC market was experiencing a decrease in sales before the pandemic but now with the ongoing pandemic people are bound to work from home and due to this PC makers are having growth in their sales and renewed demand for their devices. As a result of this companies like Xiaomi and Honor are also trying to enter the market. IDC expects to have entries from brands like Realme and Huawei in this market.

Vaio, with its brand identity, might stake as a premium offering and focus on youth of the country. However, success will totally rely on Nexstgo’s marketing pitch and pricing. The return of Vaio might build interest in this segment which was left behind due to the entry of smartphones.


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