Samsung C-Lab to reveal new projects


South Korean tech giant Samsung has recently announced that it will showcase its three new projects pretty soon. The new projects from Samsung will be S-Ray portable directional speaker, GoBreath and Relúmĭno glasses. These three projects are developed from its Creative Lab programme at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.


S-Ray or Sound Ray is the new portable directional speaker which is developed by C-Lab. It claims to replace your earphones. These portable directional speakers are designed in a very compact manner and have a unique system module. It will help people to avoid using earphones for a long time. The portable directional speakers come with Neckband, Handy and Smartphone cover. The speaker will offer a well-focused listening experience by throwing the sound in one direction. It will eliminate the need for an earphone for an individual and one can listen to music quiet easily.


Now talking about another project GoBreath, it is meant for people who are suffering from lung damage. The concept to develop GoBreath is basically to help patient’s faster recovery. It was designed by a doctor at Samsung Medical Center. It has a portable device and a mobile app that helps to teach patients basic techniques such as inspiration, coughing or deep breathing. Patients are referred to exercise guidelines and to check how well their lungs have recovered through the app. GoBreath also offers a web and cloud service for doctors which helps them to monitor their patients’ like their recovery progress as well as provide reminders to practice.

Relúmĭno glasses

This project is probably having one of the most interesting concepts. Smart glasses are built on an app of the same name. It was introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The glasses were subsequently developed to enable people with visual impairments to utilize the technology in a more comfortable way. The glasses work in conjunction with a smartphone. It helps in utilizing its processors and batteries and making Relúmĭno glasses light and comfortable to wear. The smartphone processes images from videos which are projected through the camera of the glasses. Then, these processed images are floated into the display of the Relúmĭno glasses to help the user seeing things better.


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