Samsung Galaxy S21 may dispatch without charger and earphones like iPhone 12

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to release without a charger and earphones just like iPhone 12. Since the launch of iPhone 12 series, the company is criticised heavily for not including a wall charger and earphone in the sales package. Now there are rumours that Samsung would be following these footsteps. The reason given for this step by Apple is said to be for environmental reasons though it also increases margins. 

As per the Sammobile reports, the Korean media is claiming that Samsung might do the same for its Galaxy S21 series and the step can be applied to the entire range which are Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Also, there are some rumours that Samsung might not exclude the charger this time but it might exclude the earphones. 

Few days earlier, Samsung through their personal social media account had suggested Apple regarding the availability of chargers in the sales box. Previously also, Samsung had quipped Apple several times and now it is following the same steps being a rival. 

If this rumour is true then, Samsung will be more constant in offering the 45W charger which previously was sold separately. By giving fast charging features this charger is expected to be more marketable.

Also, there is one more question which is arising continuously whether the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will get economic since it does not have mandatory accessories in it. If we refer to the iPhone 12, the latest iPhone series is still sold at a similar price as compared to the previous series which came along with a charger and earphones.


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